What is this blog?

If you invest in people and not in products, you should subscribe to the monthly updates about my projects used by over 49 000 000 people

TL;DR: if you invest in people and teams and not in products, you should subscribe to the monthly updates about my projects. Over 49 000 000 people use things that I've built, see the real-time stats, and the numbers only go up. So even if you don't think I'm the right fit for you right now, it doesn't hurt to keep tabs on my progress. I promise you: just one email a month, no spam, ever.

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So what's all this?

Hello there, it's Nikita. I've been building IT products for the last nine years at the moment of writing. Made a lot of mistakes, had a lot of failed launches. Every time I fell, I stood back up stronger. I have meticulously crafted the most perfect process of launching new products. My record is 4 hours from the idea to the working solution used by over 10 000 people. Yes, I'm this good.

I intend to use this blog as a monthly update on my progress. New products I launch, highlights from stats that I see, a few dry numbers (e.g. how many more millions of people started to use my products), peculiar insights from the data, etc. Anything outstanding and excellent that I see in my work, in a sense.

Why should you subscribe to this blog?

Let's say you are a VC fund managing partner, and you are constantly looking for new ventures to invest. You keep meeting different founders, questioning them to get deep insight into their businesses, spending your time trying to get down to the core of their personalities and ideas.

This blog is a ready-to-go window into how I do business, what I'm up to, and my product metrics. Once a month, you will receive an update on all the things that matter.

Imagine: you won't need to spend time over and over again to talk to me. Instead, everything will be sent directly to your inbox once a month in a ready to analyze fashion.

What if you don't invest in solo entrepreneurs?

That's fine and understandable. Even though I'm all alone (not taking into account people working in my "labs" company), I have a few partnership opportunities cooking at the moment. So who knows, what if one of these monthly updates gets into your inbox at precisely the right time?

The baseline

The next update (given that you've subscribed) will arrive in your inbox around August 1st, 2021. To gauge my progress, you will need something to compare it to. So I'm going to lay out a few numbers here as a baseline. All the metrics and the list of my projects can be seen live on my website.

Here's the most recent snapshot of user growth across all of my products. A month ago, I had 44 230 119 users. Today it's 49 363 104 users. 10.4% growth in a month. Or 5 132 985 more users in 30 days. Not bad, not bad at all. Considering that I was born and raised in a city with only 250 000 people, I'm impressed how many lives I was able to "touch."

The fastest-growing product that I've built is Shieldy. That's why it got acquired by 1inch Network this month! It isn't easy to put it into perspective, but at least 4 000 000 new users came from this product.

The growth of Voicy is unsurprisingly stable. I'm adding more voice recognition engines which should boost the number of new users a bit, but I'm happy to handle around 100 000 voice messages a day. The number of received messages (including the voice messages) is pretty stable at about 8 000 000 a day.

Todorant started to take off after a period of stagnation while we were working on improving the technical side of things. As usual, it gets around 50 500 visitors a month (for iOS, Android and web), with about 80 000 visits just to the website. Todorant gains around 100 users a day, so it bypassed 30 000 users point this month!

But the most important metric of all: the number of paid subscribers grew 18%: from 120 paid subscribers to 142 paid subscribers. Let's see if I'm able to maintain these results.

You can also notice that the app is mainly used in Russia and, for some reason, in Indonesia. I think that the Indonesian traffic comes from Telegram promos of Todorant in my other products (and this traffic probably bounces pretty rapidly). And I've got 3319 US unique visitors this month!

The traffic sources are pretty cool. I've got some organic traffic from the search engines! The direct link is probably the promo on the Telegram bots I've made. Around 1000 users came to Todorant from my blog posts on vc.ru even though I haven't posted there in a while. An unexpected but unquestionably welcome surprise!

This month I've launched DeleteNudesBot — a product with a simple premise: add it to a group chat on Telegram, and it will delete all photos with nudity. It helps admins sleep well, not fearing that someone would join the group, post a bunch of explicit content, report the group and get it banned.

It was my fastest launch ever, even though a bit on a technically tricky side (neural networks and machine learning after all) — I launched it in 2 hours from the idea to the first users. Then, within 4 hours, it bypassed the first 10 000 users. So now it stabilized at around 73 763 users, and it seems like the number of chats will keep growing organically but slowly.

My Russian blog on Telegram grew from 16 940 subscribers to 17875 subscribers: 5.5% growth or 935 new subscribers. I'm pleased to announce that I'm on track to get to 20 000 subscribers by the end of 2021! And every new subscriber is an opportunity waiting to be executed.

The page with the live stats of my products got 123 298 visits after the Shieldy acquisition press releases got out. Overall, just a nice spike of visits generated virtually out of thin air by simply telling the market what was already public information through the news outlets like Yahoo Finance.

Want to see another cool thing? Even though it happened back in May 2021, it's still pretty outstanding. When I launched Magic Pill (a website with the research on a vegan diet), it got smashed by visits. It got 896 110 visits on the first day after it got launched.

Now, this is what I call a launch. However, the number of visitors to this website is now forever spoiled unless I get another nice spike like this. Interesting how a simple information website can generate so many visits.

I currently support 23 different projects listed on my website. The rest of the projects had nothing interesting over the last month. It is either a steady uneventful growth or prolongation of lengthy oblivion without any users, dangling existence simply because a few people still use them, and I'm kind enough to let them run on my servers.


So why should you care to subscribe? Once a month, I'll open a small window into how well my projects are doing and what new things I've built. I'm incredibly excited about the latest products I'm making because their scale is, well, enormous.

The next big thing for me is going to be huge. Subscribe and see how I prove this statement right.