This is goodbye at 88M users

This is goodbye at 88M users
At the moment of writing I do indeed own this jpeg

Hi everyone! So, my projects steadily reached 88M users, and here at Big Whale Labs we have raised the seed round (more info to come at the Big Whale Labs blog). I also quit Telegram and explained my reasoning in my personal blog. In the meantime I successfully flipped one of the ethlizards.

It feels like I've unlocked a new whole space for me within the last half a year. I no longer want to see my projects steadily grow in userbase to 100M, then to 200M, then to 300M, etc. We don't live a thousand years. I want it to get to 1B real fast.

I'm fully yolo'ed into web3 space, I'll see you there. This blog is defunct as of now. You can keep follow the Big Whale Labs blog and my personal blog for more updates.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!