65M users, rejected offer to sell Voicy for $600K, Dosu closed pre-seed round in 2 weeks, and more

This month my products reached 65M users, I rejected Voicy acquisition, Dosu raised capital, and more...

65M users, rejected offer to sell Voicy for $600K, Dosu closed pre-seed round in 2 weeks, and more

Two full months without updates! I mean, I promised not to spam your inboxes more than once a month. Nobody said anything about ghosting all of you for an entire cycle! So, first things first, how are we doing on the numbers? We good?

We are super good indeed. In August and September 2021, my products grew to 65 397 296 users from the previous 55 660 893 users. Showing the growth of 17.5% or 9 736 403 more users! As usual, you can check the real-time numbers at borodutch.com.

This is now a pretty steady trend of the userbase growth. And as promised in the previous installment of this blog, my goal is now lifted from 100M users to 1B users.

Dosu, Big Whale Labs, StreetCred, SocialGraph — what's that all about?

I'm excited to announce that 2 weeks after we started the fundraising for Big Whale Labs (parent company to the three products — Dosu, StreetCred and SocialGraph), we got more money subscribed than we needed. Initially raising $500K, we ended up partnering with a robust list of investors and raised $655K. Every single investor on the cap table matters, they were picked strategically.

In the meantime, we had to turn down almost twice as much money because some investors didn't make it to the shortlist. Well, if there will be the next round, they are welcome to come sailing with us then! You can find more details in the blogpost with the announcement (I suggest you to subscribe to that blog as well, all the Big Whale Labs news will come out there).

One of the things we don't talk about that much is the hidden reason behind building StreetCred and SocialGraph. Without getting into too many details, I'm just going to say that if we build this thing mostly right, these tools are going to become essential for the future of social. Meaning that it will be stupid not to use them when building anything social.

Another thing that we don't have much time to talk about is the strategic choice of territories and countries to launch. I believe that the new products will need to, and hear me out on this one, target India. It is the second billion Internet users who speak English fluently, whose levels of education drastically rise from year to year — and who live in a democratic state! I don't understand why others don't see the potential.

Anyway, the main takeaway today is that the round is closed. I'm incredibly excited to launch Dosu, StreetCred and SocialGraph soon (stay tuned), and I'm very grateful to everybody who believes in us. Enormous thank you to all the investors on the current cap table, including (but not limited to) Slow, Samsung, Intonation Ventures, NFT Investments, 1inch and amazing angels.

I'd also like to point out the role my co-founder Jason plays in all this. He is highly dedicated to highly sure that whatever we build rocks and looks at the things at the angles I wouldn't even consider. I learn a lot from Jason, and I'm also grateful that the luck got us working together again.

And the engineers that we already hired, you guys are fantastic. I love working with you. Keep up the excellent work!

Oh, and if you want something a bit more credible than my blog, here's the yahoo!finance article.

What's up with Voicy?

Remember how I said that Voicy was going to double the userbase just like Shieldy did? Well, this prediction is on track. Currently Voicy is at 12 737 316 users (up 1 208 809 users or +10.5% from 11 528 427 users in July 2021). The number of chats that use it? Up 189 769 chats or +9.3% from the previous number of 2 034 242 chats.

And it has no reason to stop growing. Again, $0 spent on marketing, all of it is just organic growth.

I had multiple bids to sell Voicy but decided to roll with the highest bidder, who offered me $600k for it. Unfortunately, I decided to reject the offer due to ethical reasons on how the data would be used. Or fortunately for all the users because I value your data way more than money.

The crazy thing is, Voicy recognized 6 039 121 voice messages in the last two months, averaging roughly 1.16 voice messages per second! And it gained 3.55 years of continuous speech recognized! Imagine that: 3.55 years in 2 months. It is insane amount of data that my brain fails to comprehend.

Currently, I'm considering offers for Voicy starting with $400k. I'm willing to sell it to a more reputable buyer for a discount (but no lower than $400k), just like I did with 1inch and Shieldy. The better of a candidate to buy Voicy you are, the easier it will be for me to sell it!

If you're interested in buying Voicy, it is time to act and write me a note to [email protected]. Don't wait until it doubles in userbase and becomes more expensive. Contact me today.

Shieldy, yes, Shieldy again!

One of the co-founders of 1inch keeps sending me screenshots of the insane growth of Shieldy! It is a huge win, no doubt, but I didn't even realize it would grow this fast. Remember how it doubled from 10M users to 20M? Well, it's going to double... again... real soon.

But the growth has its downsides. Shieldy became challenging to maintain with all these chats and users (again, almost 40M users, it's insane) — sometimes it simply becomes a bit slow. No one could project it back then, but here we are. At one point, someone in the Shieldy support group asked about a paid version of Shieldy, which got me thinking.

While 1inch dev team is hard at work optimizing the free version of Shieldy, I talked to the 1inch founding team and got permission to spin up my own instance of Shieldy that is only used by paid communities. It is the same version of Shieldy as the free one, with all the same features, but maintained by me on a separate server.

We split the profit from this instance 50/50 with 1inch. Their portion goes towards supporting the free version, and my portion goes towards supporting the paid version. So potentially, we can both now be incentivized to build new features for the bot!

If you don't want to share computing resources with 36M+ other users, feel free to use the paid version of Shieldy — @shieldy_premium_bot.


My beloved productivity app does not have many updates this time. It's been 3.5 months, but we cracked the new local storage algorithm! It's out on the beta versions on iOS and Android. As soon as we deem it stable enough, I'll start the marketing push and will let the hell loose.

I know, I know, I keep promising this repeatedly, but good things come to ones who have patience. However, even in this silent period (I removed Todorant promos from everywhere) the product gained 780 new users and overall got 33 919 more todos added to the platform.

I can't even count to 33 919 in my head no matter how fast I try to. Keep falling asleep at like... 11? Anyway, Todorant will get popular at some point. There is no way around it. This productivity system is too good.

Borodutch Club

Remember the private community of product launchers I created? Well, it's now at 132 members. The membership fee became not only a great filter of people who join but also of people who stay. See, if you don't get the value back from the Club, you stop paying the monthly fee and leave. It's only logical!

It makes sure that only the most motivated people are left in this community. In the last two months, members launched 17 new products that bring value to people worldwide.

I'm proud of this result. Also, the price is now $69.33 per month, raised from $46.22 and initial $23.11 per month to keep things interesting.

I did open up registration for invited users for a brief period. However, I still don't plan on growing this community just yet.

Other products

Oh, boy, the last time I complained about supporting 23 products to work 24/7, today it's 26 products. Let's start with the loser.

My Russian Telegram blog lost subscribers this time. I mean, it went up to like 18.2K, but then I posted a few controversial yet important posts, and it has 17 999 subscribers now. Well, you win some, you lose some.

I don't think any notable exceptional things happened to my products over the last 2 months. It's same old, same old — everything just... grows organically. When you have like 10K users, it just keeps growing. Slowly at first, insanely quickly later.

Two cool things that I launched this time are CommonCrypto — open API for the crypto exchanges tickers — and CryptoGranny — Telegram bot that shows crypto arbitrage opportunities between the crypto exchanges in real-time. I'll share the numbers on them in the later issues of this blog. Subscribe if you haven't done so yet.

Oh, I also started to write a book with a wonderful author about... well... life and all. Think Scott Adam's book about his life, but written by me with my experiences and emphasizes. We finished rough drafts of 2/4 of the book and on are our way to completing the third part. It will be published in Russian to start (I want to gauge the interest before translating it to English). If you know anyone working in a reputable Russian publisher, I'd be grateful for an introduction.


I know it doesn't look like much, but hey, I had a few other things going on these tow months with the newborn! Let's see where this path to 1B users takes me.

Never hesitate to drop me a line on Telegram @borodutch or via email [email protected], especially if you're interested in buying Voicy.